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Are financial resources another of the many blessings God has given to be used in the ways God intends? Or is money simply our own property to be used as we see fit? How is a committed Christian meant to benefit, invest, give of this gift which God gives us freely? Trinity Fort Worth invites all comers to spend Wednesday evenings in May looking at the spiritual practice of taking care of the financial resources that God has placed in our care.

From creation God has given humankind every good gift that is needed for life, health and joy. We often feel the joy of receiving the many blessings God has given us, and yet there is no more confusing area for most people than money. As stewards, our role is always to take care of God’s resources and we will look at a variety of ways that we can strengthen our practice of stewardship. A light dinner will be provided at 6 p.m., and childcare will be available for children up to age 5.

May 8: Stewardship. What Does It Mean?
Guest speakers: Mary Volcansek & Barbara McColm—co-leaders of Trinity’s Stewardship Ministry Group
Stewardship goes far beyond a monetary pledge to the church. Mary and Barbara will guide you through a thought-provoking discussion to help un-earth what you’re truly passionate about—and how pursuing that passion grows the Body of Christ.
May 15: Finding God in Personal Finance, Part I
Guest speakers: Debora Clark, Financial Advisor & Christopher Thomas, Trinity Church’s Operations Manager
Scripture, tradition, reason guide us as Episcopalians—and should also influence decisions we make regarding personal finance. As Christians, what are we called to do regarding our “treasure” on Earth? How do we wrestle with issues regarding the popular notion of “the prosperity Gospel”?
May 22: Finding God in Personal Finance, Part II
Guest speakers: Debora Clark, Financial Advisor & Christopher Thomas, Trinity Church’s Operations Manager
There is no “one size fits all” formula for dealing with personal finance. How can we best deal with money while walking in faith? How do we cope with the sense of isolation and “alone-ness” that surrounds financial obstacles? Learn how we—as a community of faith—can give people courage to face both good and bad financial circumstances.
May 29: What will you leave behind? Estate Planning, Wills & the Kingdom of God
Guest speaker: Sandy Liser, attorney, Naman Howell Smith & Lee
How can we ensure that God’s gifts to us continue to help our loved ones, the church and those in need long after we’re gone from this Earth? Learn some steps you can take in this informative session.

For further information, contact Christopher Thomas (, 817-926-4631).