Story Highlights

As I reflected in the wake of the recent verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman, a deep sadness came over me because one of God’s precious children has been killed and another of God’s precious children has had his life changed forever by his actions.

I, like some of you, want to know why this happened, want to find fault, want to place the blame with someone or some institution. I also believe if I continue to have this attitude, I will end up on a one-way street to destructive anger and bitterness. Instead, let us spend our energy and time holding up in prayer the Martin family, the Zimmerman family, the community where these events played out. Let us in prayer and in action strive with our whole being to try to keep this from happening again in our country. And let us join together in a commitment to work to remove the blight of racism from ourselves, our diocese, our Church, our city and state, our beloved America. We can do no less, compelled as we are by the commandment Jesus gave us to love all our sisters and brothers as God loves us. Pray for our nation. And please pray for me, and know that I hold all of you in prayer daily.