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The Seventh W. A. Welsh Seminar on Vulnerability, Resistance, and Transformation, presented by the Stalcup School of Theology for the Laity at Brite Divinity School at TCU, will be Saturday, September 21, 2013, from 9:00 AM to 1:45 PM at Northway Christian Church, 7202 W. Northwest Highway, Dallas,
Kristine A. Culp, Dean of the Disciples Divinity House and is Associate Professor of Theology in the Divinity School, University of Chicago, is the presenter.
Vulnerability is part of being creatures who are interdependent with other persons, living things, and the cosmos. Today “vulnerability” is a technical term, used to assess the risk of damage from disasters, fraud, and malfeasance. But it is also a complex biblical and theological theme. Disasters and tragic events remind us how susceptible we are to harm: creaturely life is almost inevitably marked by suffering and wrong, and sometimes by unfathomable devastation and brutality. And yet, even at the depths of disaster and tragedy, persons and communities are always also vulnerable to transformation. The seminar will explore the complexity of “vulnerability,” looking at it theologically and in biblical and historical perspectives as well as in contemporary life.
Kristine A. Culp is the author of Vulnerability and Glory: A Theological Account (2010) and the editor of The Responsibility of the Church for Society and Other Essays by H. Richard Niebuhr (2008). She has written on theology and experience, ecclesiology, feminist and womanist theologies, the use of fiction in theological thinking, and issues facing the Disciples of Christ. An avid traveler, she has also written about pilgrimage and tourism.
Registration is at, or call 817-257 7580. Registration is $35 and includes a light lunch. Scholarships are available.