Save the Dates! Diocesan leaders to work with Peter Steinke

Save the Dates! Diocesan leaders to work with Peter Steinke

Leaders throughout the diocese will have the opportunity to interact with Peter L. Steinke, Lutheran pastor and Alban Institute consultant whose books have made systems thinking accessible to congregations and provided their leaders with tools to shape vital, healthy communities of faith.

Steinke will meet with diocesan leaders April 4 and 5 and again June 20 and 21, using the principles drawn from the work of family-systems expert Edwin Friedman.  Steinke’s most recent book, A Door Set Open: Grounding Change in Mission and Hope, makes the case that the church is facing a time of great opportunity, when exploration and new creation can be transformational. The book adds new dimensions to his previous publications which have become “must-read’s” for congregation leaders.

Because of the opportunity for leaders to work with Steinke, the diocese has cancelled the April 12 leadership workshop.  Mark your calendar and plan to attend, April 4-5 and June 20-21. More information about the workshop schedules and content will be available on the diocesan website, along with registration information.

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