Story Highlights

Lent is an interruption in our normal habits. This season of the church year invites us to think and interact more intentionally and with greater awareness of ourselves and of the world around us. In Texas, snow and ice also interrupt our routines. So on a snowy Lenten day, where are your reflections taking you?

In addition to inviting photos of our churches in the snow, we also invite reflections on anything the weather brings to your attention. What does the snow and ice put you in mind of: gratitude for warmth, concern for those exposed to the cold, fascination with the operation of the natural world?

Wherever you happen to be, take a moment to look closely at what you see around you and reflect on the weather’s disruption of your normal habits. If you can, try to capture some of what you notice or think about in a photograph or a piece of writing and send some of the fruit of these reflections to We will share some of the responses online.