Questions for Reimagining Our Church

Questions for Reimagining Our Church

On Saturday morning, February 8, 2014, participants at Reimagining Our Church will share their reflections on four interview questions prepared by the Task Force to Reimagine The Episcopal Church (TREC). Teens and young adults are especially invited to participate.

In preparation for this, Bishop Rayford High has asked that people go to the link, download the Engagement Kit, and reflect as a group on the four questions in the Interview section. This can be at an adult forum at a parish, at a breakfast group, a guild meeting, a youth meeting – or simply a group of folks who get together to reflect on the questions.

Question #1: As you reflect back over your experiences with The Episcopal Church, what is your very best memory? This could be a person, a spiritual moment, an event … whatever was extraordinary for you.  What are the three words that best characterize this experience?

Question #2: As with all change, moving forward requires letting go of some things that were useful in the past. It also requires holding on to a few things that are core to who you are. What are your thoughts about what to hold and what to let go?  As you think about what you just said, what is the one thing The Church should hold on to and the thing it could let go?

Question #3: Imagine it’s 10 years in the future and you are talking to a good friend about The Episcopal Church. You say … “The thing that gives me the most joy about The Church these days is …” Finish the sentence.

Question #4: What one thing could you do to help The Church through this change?

Individuals can post their reflections on these four questions directly to the TREC website by going to the website at, scrolling down to the four questions, typing in responses, and hitting “submit.” While there, you can also read responses from others around the church. You may email responses to TREC at,  or  use postal mail addressed to TREC, P.O. Box 11641, St Louis, MO, 63105-1641.

Download a PDF of this information


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