Prayers for West, Texas

Prayers for West, Texas

From the Rt. Rev. Rayford B. High, Jr.

Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth,

We have witnessed yet another tragic event with the loss of life and property, just south of us in West, Texas. When I served at St. Paul’s Church in Waco, we would go to West to participate in many festive events among good, good folks there. My heart goes out to those families who have experienced any kind of loss and I am asking our congregations to hold up in prayer yet another community, this one much closer to our diocese.

I’ve been in contact with the Chuck Treadwell, Rector of St. Paul’s, Waco, and he said they’ve checked on their church people near West, and he reported that one family from Holy Spirit Church in Waco was evacuated. He said that the best ways for our people to help are to donate blood if the blood banks are asking for it, donate money to the Red Cross because they are on the scene, and to continue to pray for the people of West and the responders aiding them.

Even before this awful explosion, we have in place and are continuing to develop our own disaster plan for the diocese of Fort Worth, if it’s ever needed. Please subscribe for updates from our diocese at this link.

Please pray for the communities of Boston and West this Sunday at the altar, my friends.