Story Highlights

by Joel Walker, a parishioner at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Keller.

With the resolution to the diocesan legal actions coming to an end, even if very slowly, a need was determined to provide from among the faithful pairs of individuals committed to pray for those parishes not currently with us. This was introduced at the diocesan convention in November 2011, and we were asked to pray about it and select a parish to pray for. Before the convention was over, I and several others had already felt moved and had selected parishes to pray for.

We are not alone in this endeavor, although we live in very separate areas of the diocese. A few weeks ago, Fr Sam took on the responsibility of coordinating the program, and each Wednesday, via e-mail, we are blessed by a prayer from him. Each of us, who have already selected a parish and made the commitment to pray, finds our names in Fr Sam’s prayer, and we can also pray for each of the other partners at that time.

I have found the discipline to set aside a few minutes each day (over my lunch hour) to pray for the partners, the parish, and the people in it. While the investment in time is minimal, that very act gives me a little peace during what can often be a very hectic day. The longer I have been involved in this ministry, the more involved I have become. I have recently begun talking to the leaders (vestry) in my parish about this program, asking them to pray about it and make the commitment themselves, and am beginning to look into ways to approach the congregation in general.