The Rev. Jim Reynolds was born in a small West Virginia town along the Ohio River on 18 May 1949. His father was in the Army so for the first eighteen years of his life he moved every two to three years to a new military installation with his parents. Growing up Jim lived in most of the states east of the Mississippi and south of the Canadian border as well as spending six years in Germany. After graduating from Key West High School in Florida in 1967 and not wanting to go to college, he joined the Army himself and entered the field of Helicopter maintenance. This is a field that he would be a part of both in the military and his civilian life for the next thirty-two years. While he was stationed at Yuma Proving Grounds, Arizona in 1969 he met Linda his wife to be. They were married ninety days later. During the nine years he spent in the active Army Jim was stationed at numerous duty stations on both coasts, did a combat tour in Viet Nam in 1971, taught basic aviation at the Army Transportation School at Fort Eustis, Virginia and spent the last thirty eight months of his tour stationed with the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. It was while he was on active duty that Jim and Linda’s two daughters Michelle and Sherry were born. Both were born at McDonald Army Hospital at Fort Eustis, Virginia. Michelle was born in November 1970 thirty days before Jim left for his tour in Viet Nam and Sherry was born shortly after his return in February 1972.

In February 1976 after separation from the active army the family packed up and moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. For the next six years Jim worked as a full time helicopter mechanic for the Texas Army National Guard at Dallas Naval Air Station. In February 1982 Jim left full time National Guard employment and went to work for Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation in Grand Prairie. He did remain in the Army National Guard until December of 1989 when he retired. At Aerospatiale, which later became American Eurocopter Corporation, Jim worked in numerous projects. He worked as a technical instructor in maintenance specializing in the Dauphine series of helicopters marketed by AEC until he was transferred to the Government Training Department where he was involved in the training of the United States Coast Guard mechanics for the fleet of ninety-six Dauphine helicopters that went into service in the 1980’s. He then became Supervisor of Maintenance Training until he was selected to become the program manager for the Coast Guard fleet of helicopters which later expanded to include the Government of Israel’s fleet of Dauphine helicopters as well. During his time with AEC Jim made frequent trips to France and Germany to visit the Corporations home offices and manufacturing facilities as well as to Israel in support of their fleet of helicopters. He also traveled frequently to Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington D.C. and to all of the nineteen Coast Guard Air Stations that operated the dauphine helicopter. Jim worked at AEC until July of 1999 when he left to attend Seminary.

It was during this time that Jim through the encouragement of Linda began to attend church. Linda had become a confirmed Episcopalian just prior to their marriage but they had not attended church during the time prior to coming to the metroplex. Jim had grown up unchurched and as a consequence had never been baptized. Ten months after they first attended St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Grand Prairie Jim was baptized. He was confirmed shortly afterwards and began serving at the altar. He has been there ever since. He has served on the vestry on every church they have attended since his confirmation and Jim has been both senior and junior warden in many of the parishes. In 1995 He first began to feel the beginning of a call to ordained ministry. Entering the discernment process in the Diocese of Fort Worth in August of 1995 working with Bishop Iker and the Commission on Ministry, he became a Postulant in October of 1997. After a years delay Jim, Linda, their youngest daughter Sherry and Linda’s mother Rachel relocated to Nashotah, Wisconsin where he entered Nashotah House Seminary to begin his formal education in preparation for the priesthood. Graduating in May of 2002 Jim returned to the metroplex where he was ordained deacon on 8 June in their home parish of St. Joseph’s in Grand Prairie and on the 15th of June came to St. Martin-in-the-Fields as their new curate. On 21 December 2002 he was priested by Bishop Iker at St. Martins and began his ministry as a priest. After the two years of his curacy Fr. Reynolds continued to serve St. Martin’s as the Assistant to the Rector until the retirement of Fr. Reeves on 31 August 2007.  At that time the bishop appointed him as the Priest-in-Charge during the search process for a new rector.  In August 2008 Fr. Reynolds was selected to be the new rector for St. Martins and he was inducted and installed as the second rector of St. Martin-in-the-Fields on 27 September 2008.

Fr. Reynolds retired from St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church in June, 2013.