New Nomination Process for 2012 Diocesan Convention Elections

New Nomination Process for 2012 Diocesan Convention Elections

Some of the Nominations Committee members are scheduled to visit each Deanery three times this year (April, August, & October) to disseminate information about the 2012 new nomination process and the positions to be elected/appointed.

All nominations will be through the diocesan website and will be open from 1 August 2012 through 30 September 2012. Anyone may nominate any qualified person for an appropriate position. Every nomination will include a “head shot” picture in jpg format. Persons rolling off expired terms are encouraged not to stand for re-election in order to encourage a broader shared leadership participation in the diocese.

Additionally, Bp. Ohl has requested that the bishop’s appointments and nominations be included in this process in order to assist in the bishop’s duties.

After the online nominations process is closed, late nominations must be submitted from the floor of convention. All requirements will be observed in any nominations from convention floor. The details necessary for nominations from the floor of convention will be posted online after the closing date of online nominations (i.e., 30 September 2012).

Diocesan convention will be held this year 2 & 3 November 2012 in Stephenville, Texas.

1. Open Nominations:

  • Disciplinary board – 1 lay & 1 clergy
  • Univ. of the South trustee – 1 lay
  • Standing committee 1-lay & 1-clergy

2. Bishop’s nominations:

  • Diocesan secretary
  • Diocesan registrar
  • Diocesan historiographer
  • Diocesan treasurer
  • Diocesan chancellor
  • Corporation trustee
  • Episcopate endowment trustee (5-9 members, clergy or lay)

3. Bishop’s appointments:

  • Commission on ministry – 2-lay & 2-clergy (terms to expire in 2015)

The positions of Secretary, Registrar, Historiographer, Treasurer, and Chancellor should all have assistants or 2nd chair to serve as backup, and in training for future transition. Currently, no assistants are listed on the diocesan website for Secretary, Registrar, Treasurer, nor Chancellor.

Direct any questions concerning the nomination process to Fr. Edwin Barnett at