Motion for rehearing filed with Texas Supreme Court

Motion for rehearing filed with Texas Supreme Court

On Friday, October 18 2013, attorneys for the Local Episcopal Parties and Congregations and attorneys for The Episcopal Church filed a motion for rehearing with the Texas Supreme Court of the case heard on direct appeal from the 141st District Court, Tarrant County.

They laid out two points for rehearing:

  1. The Court’s retroactive application of neutral principles to this dispute is unconstitutional because the Court did not ‘clearly enunciate’ adoption of the neutral principles approach before this case.
  2. This Court should, consistent with its resolution of the issue, amend its judgment to affirm the trial court’s identity declaration and injunction as to the Diocese, so that these proper rulings will be applied as final and binding in the case on remand.

Read the motion here.

On Monday, October 22 2013, attorneys for the breakaway faction filed a waiver of their response to the motion for rehearing.

Also on Friday The Episcopal Church, the Episcopal Diocese of Northwest Texas, and the Episcopal parties from Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in San Angelo filed a motion for rehearing in the companion Masterson case.

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