Mission and Outreach Committee requests proposals

Mission and Outreach Committee requests proposals

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, through its Mission and Outreach Committee, is seeking requests to support programs that assist our communities, encourage personal participation by our congregations, and that will be strengthened by the endorsement of the diocese. This is the fourth consecutive year that our diocese is encouraging requests for funds for outreach programs administered by its congregations.

An application may be submitted by an individual member of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, members of a congregation within the diocese, or members of several congregations within the diocese representing a common organization. Funds are offered in two categories:

  • Beyond the Diocese Outreach Impact Program – This category includes special outreach needs beyond the geographical boundaries of the diocese, both inside and outside the United States. The available funding for this category is currently $7,793.00.
  • Matching Grant Outreach Program – This category includes outreach within the diocese. These funds are to be used to match or to provide seed money for congregations or groups to fund or undertake an outreach need that they could not do on their own. The Matching Grant Outreach Program currently has $15,261.00.

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth’s Mission and Outreach Committee was established in 2011, and one of its tasks is to help administer these outreach funds. We encourage you to apply for funding. [This application form is no longer active, since the application period is closed] Under Description of Project, please indicate what matching funds you will provide. Please note that the diocese can only write checks to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. If you have received funding for your project in the past, please tell us specifically how the money was spent.

The completed form will be sent to the Mission and Outreach Committee at outreach.committee@edotn.org. The deadline for submission of grant requests is Monday, September 15, 2014. The Mission and Outreach Committee will review the requests and send its recommendations to the Finance Committee. Project organizers will be notified in late September if their grant request was approved, and checks will be cut directly to the approved programs. We expect the checks to start going out soon after the committee approves the grants.


Tim Stevens, Mission and Outreach Committee Chair

Cynthia Eichenberger, St. Francis Parker County

Juanita Parish, St. Christopher, Fort Worth

Jesse Smith, Chaplain at Baylor All Saints

Cynthia Hill, All Saints Fort Worth<

Sandy Shockley,Episcopal Church of Hamilton County

(all contact information removed)