Story Highlights

On December 21, 2010 the Local Episcopal Parties (Bishop Ohl and other diocesan officials) filed amended documents in preparation for the January 14, 2010 hearing on their Amended Motion for Partial Summary Judgment.

  1. The amended motion adds a ground for summary judgment and supporting argument reflecting the rulings in the Schofield opinion regarding the Diocese of San Joaquin, which opinion was issued after the local motion was filed;
  2. Two supplemental exhibits were added to the summary judgment evidence in support of the motion; and
  3. The amended pleadings add requests for alternative declarations reflecting the Schofield decision and supplement the requested declarations on lack of capacity and standing of the Southern Cone parties.

Pertinent documents are:

  1. Fourth Amended Answer and Counterclaims to Southern Cone Corporation’s Plea in Intervention and Third-Party Petition
  2. Fourth Amended Answer and Counterclaims to Southern Cone Diocese’s Third-Party Petition
  3. Fourth Amended Answer to Southern Cone Congregations’ First Amended Original Plea in Intervention and Counterclaim Against Southern Cone Congregations
  4. Individual Plaintiffs’ First Amended Original Answer to Intervening Congregations’ Original Counterclaim
  5. Individual Plaintiffs’ Sixth Amended Original Petition
  6. Local Episcopal Parties’ Amended Motion for Partial Summary Judgment
  7. 12/21 Letter from Bill Sims to Shelby Sharpe, David Weaver and Scott Brister
  8. Supplemental Evidence in Support of All Episcopal Parties’ Motions for Summary Judgment and Partial Summary Judgment
In addition, the hearing on Plaintiff Ohl’s Motion to Compel Production of Documents by Defendants is set for 9:00 a.m. on January 14, 2010, the same time as the Church’s and Diocesan officials’ motions for summary judgment.