Story Highlights

  • US Supreme Court issues ruling on marriage
  • Bishops appreciate the rich diversity of opinions on marriage equality, ask for prayer

We are gratified at today’s Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage. This is a decision that effects our civil rights, and we are grateful for it. As we write this, The Episcopal Church is in discernment about what this means for our church life.

We are aware of the rich diversity of opinions held on this topic. We are also aware that for many this is not an “issue,” but something that touches directly on their lives and their faithfulness in love.

As we live into this new reality in our nation and reflect on how it will echo in our church, let us always remember that we are sisters and brothers bound together in the love of Jesus Christ. God loves us all. No exceptions.

Pray for your bishops and deputies as we deliberate in the midst of this new paradigm.

The Right Rev. Rayford B. High, Jr., provisional bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth
The Right Rev. J. Scott Mayer, provisional bishop-elect, Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth