Is Cursillo worth a weekend? Yes!

Is Cursillo worth a weekend? Yes!

Why give up a long weekend for Cursillo? Because the rewards are enormous and lifelong, according to people in the diocese who have attended. Here is what some Fort Worth Episcopalians say about their Cursillo experience and its impact on their lives: Marti Fagley, St. Francis of Assisi – the Episcopal Church in Parker County:

“I made my Cursillo weekend in 1992. There was nothing about the weekend, that I hadn’t heard before, but it changed my ministry profoundly. What my heart heard that weekend was the Holy Spirit’s call to lay ministry that was more focused on seeking God’s will and not my own. I realized that God’s love for me was calling me to passionately seek the Holy Spirit’s purpose and that same all-encompassing Love would empower me every step of the way. It has. The Cursillo Community continues to support this journey by keeping me accountable for my ministry.”

Tim Stevens, St. Christopher Episcopal Church, Fort Worth:

“Cursillo, a three day course in Christianity, empowers the laity to fulfill its designated leadership role to represent Christ and his Church to the world. In an environment nurtured by support and love from the Cursillo Team of lay leaders and clergy spiritual advisors, the Cursillo process consists of informative lectures interspersed with music and group activities. You will learn about the three-legged stool of piety, study and action, which will plant seeds for your future Christian lives. Most importantly, you will make your journey with others with whom you will bond and experience the synergism that empowers us as a group to be better Christians than we can achieve as individuals.”

Kathleen Wells, Trinity Episcopal Church, Fort Worth

“To those who would consider joining us for Cursillo #3: I want to share with you that my attending Cursillo in 1987 was one of the most important moments in my lifelong formation as a Christian. Because of insights I gained at Cursillo I still have a functional toolkit for how to stay on the path, and find my way back to the path, to achieve the goal of a balanced spiritual life of (1) being constantly nourished in the presence of a God who loves me unconditionally, (2) continuing my spiritual learning, and (3) implementing an ongoing plan to reach out to others as God’s tangible hands and feet, all with (4) weekly accountability in a mutually supportive community. Sometimes I do better at achieving this goal than others, but thanks to Cursillo I always know what I need to do to get back on the right path. God gave me this lifeline right when I needed to hear it—and it continues to shape my life. I am praying that you can find a way to say yes to join us for this Cursillo #3. Welcome to a grand, renewing adventure that can breathe new energy and direction into your life as a Christian.”

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