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Board of Integrity treats our bishop to dinner

On Thursday, May 28, the Board of Integrity Fort Worth celebrated Bishop Gulick’s ministry as Provisional Bishop of the Fort Worth Diocese by treating him to dinner at Joe T. Garcia’s Restaurant. During the dinner, Integrity expressed the need for the full inclusion of all people to be recognized in the church, despite one’s sexual orientation. Bishop Gulick sees all issues of inclusion related to our theology of Holy Baptism and made the suggestion that Integrity suggest the formation of a committee on the full inclusion of all the baptized in the church’s life and mission. [Resolution Four of the special meeting of the Diocesan Convention called for the creation of such a committee.]

Bishop Gulick offered kind words of encouragement to Integrity Fort Worth to continue in the ministry of supporting and advocating for those who are marginalized.

The Board presented Bishop Gulick with an Icon Cross of the Holy Trinity as a token of their appreciation as he is the first bishop in the history of the diocese to meet and welcome an organization such as Integrity.