Story Highlights

The Hon. John P. Chupp, judge of the 141st District Court of Tarrant County, Texas on Friday Oct. 2, 2009, granted the request of attorneys for former Bishop Iker and others who left the Episcopal Church [defendants] for a continuance in the hearing on the motion by the Episcopal Church, the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth and the Corporation of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth [plaintiffs] for a partial summary judgment. The hearing is now scheduled for 9 a.m. on Friday, January 22, 2010. The plaintiffs did not oppose the motion.

The judge granted the defendants’ motion to add the Rt. Rev. Edwin F. [Ted] Gulick Jr., members of the Standing Committee, and Chancellor Kathleen Wells as third party defendants to the litigation.

Finally, the judge denied defendants’ motion to reconsider his September 16 decision on the defendants’ Rule 12 motion challenging the authority of attorneys Jon Nelson and Kathleen Wells. He thus reaffirmed his ruling that the plaintiffs’ attorneys do not represent the entity associated with Jack Iker. No one has ever claimed that they did.

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