The Communications and Evangelism Committee strives to live up to our diocese’s stated commitments to transparency and hospitality. We believe that communications is a ministry and that in all forms it is evangelism. It is this belief that undergirds our work.

The committee works to improve diocesan communications, both print and digital. We work to develop and use digital tools to present the visual face and electronic voice that the diocese presents to the public. Web sites, Facebook pages, and postings on YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest are a few of the tools we employ. We want to encourage and help churches and ministries and leaders in our diocese better use these tools as well. With digital tools, it’s easier spread the Good News when we’re not at church on Sunday- we can reach people where they are.

We meet on an as-needed basis, and sometimes via WebEx. If you have an interest in communications, social media, website development, graphic design, photography, print communications, or marketing, or if you’re a geek looking for a likely place to contribute, contact the Director of Communication.



Katie Sherrod chair
Susan Kleinwechter Member
Gil Kleinwechter Member

News and Stories from Communications and Evangelism Committee

Communications Analytics and Insights

Analyzing how people engage with our major communication methods helps us understand visitor activities and paint a picture of our audience and the effectiveness of what we do. It helps us avoid hunches and gut feelings and gives a solid foundation to … Continue reading

Communications & Evangelism Committee Report to 2014 Convention

The Communications and  Evangelism Committee report to the 2014 Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is submitted by Katie Sherrod. You may download a PDF of this report here. The Communication & Evangelism Committee’s goal is to keep the people within our diocese … Continue reading

Guide to Using the Diocesan Website

The diocesan website serves not only as a welcome mat for seekers and newcomers, but also as a repository of vast amounts of information and resources used on a daily basis by the people of the diocese.  The website “lives” on … Continue reading

How the Diocese Eventually Got a New Website

In which an immature but enthusiastic young developer learns a few things about working with people. by Adam Wood Perhaps it wasn’t the best way to endear myself in a new town. Perhaps it wasn’t the best way to get … Continue reading

Guidelines for Email, Social Media, and other forms of Digital Communication

Guidelines for Email, Social Media, and other forms of Digital Communication – PDF

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Wort welcomes Bishop Rayford High…to Facebook

As part of our welcome for our new provisional bishop, the Rt. Rev. Rayford B. High, Jr., we’ve created a Facebook page for him.  Using Facebook, the people in our diocese can learn more about him, and people in the Diocese … Continue reading