Story Highlights

The implementation of Canon 10 – adopted in November 2012 to re-frame the working structure of the diocesan executive council – was a major topic at the Sept. 28 meeting of executive council. ( link  )  On October 17, the executive council’s management workgroup will continue the conversation at its 4:30pm meeting at the diocesan office.

The management workgroup members are the diocesan bishop Rayford High, the standing committee president Marti Fagley, the diocesan corporation president Jim Hazel, diocesan treasurer Robert Hicks, diocesan chancellor Kathleen Wells, finance committee chair Floyd McKneely, and communication director Katie Sherrod, plus a representative from each of the other three executive council workgroups: Christian formation (Edwin Barnett), congregation development (vacant), and structure (Sam McClain). Supporting the workgroup are diocesan staffers Janet Waggoner (canon to the ordinary) and Demi Prentiss (ministry developer).

Each of the workgroups partners with ministries and organizations of the diocese to improve planning, communication, and ministry