Engage God’s mission as a steward leader

Engage God’s mission as a steward leader

Are you seeking ways to learn about leading your congregation to more faithful stewardship? The Ecumenical Center for Stewardship (ECS) is offering six different courses in its “Engaging God’s Mission” online series of virtual classes for steward leaders.

For those called to be leaders, good stewardship includes fulfilling the tasks of leadership in faithful and skillful ways related to stewardship ministry in the congregation and beyond. Steward leaders can be bishops, priests, deacons, or lay persons. ECS offers this course of study as one way of fulfilling its mission of growing stewards

The six classes, which are offered several times each year, can be taken in any combination, and in any order. Steward Leaders Engaging God’s Mission classes provide in-depth exploration of topics over time with other students from a variety of faith communities. Each class takes place over a two-month period. Students are expected to complete approximately 150 pages of reading, five hours of instruction time, and 3-5 assignments, depending on the class.

Each online class costs $99, with an additional $10 charge for CEU credit certification. Enrollment is held to a minimum of six and a maximum of 15 learners. Registration for the January-February units will close December 6. Four classes, each focusing on a key steward leader trait, will begin in January 2014:

  • Grounded in Theological Principles & Abundance
  • Holds a Holistic Perspective
  • Embraces Stewardship as Relational
  • Engages & Critiques Culture

Learn more about the entire course of study here, and the classes and instructors here.

The Episcopal Church is one of 19 denominational partners in the ECS.