Education for Ministry begins its fourth year

Education for Ministry begins its fourth year

EfM (Education for Ministry) is a worldwide program developed by the School of Theology of The University of the South. It holds before us that the foundation for bringing Christ to the world lies in a church empowered by an active, theologically articulate laity. Thousands of persons have completed this four-year program. Students enroll one year at a time, can transfer almost anywhere in the USA and in many foreign countries, and can obtain 18 Continuing Education Units per year by participating.

All Christians affect the lives of those around them, and thus inevitably minister in some way. This ministering involves every activity a Christian does in day-to-day living, and, in some way or other, brings the message of the church to bear on the lives of others. This seminar program provides groundwork to the participants for their daily ministries.

We begin our fourth year of EfM in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth with four seminar groups. We graduated two participants from the program in June and we will have more this coming year. We want you to join us on this Christian journey.

  • Small seminar groups in size from 6 to 12 students
  • Trained mentors and thought-provoking texts
  • Theological reflection practiced regularly
  • Prayer and worship in a community of study
  • Four years committed one year at a time, containing studies of:

    The Old Testament
    The New Testament
    Church History
    Theological and Moral Choices

For more information, including a prospectus or brochure or if you would like a presentation made to your parish/congregation, contact Marti Fagley (EfM Diocesan Coordinator) at or 817-637-1820. You may read more about the program at the website for EfM.