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The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin (in California) is, along with the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, one of five dioceses that has been through a process of reorganization in the last few years.

Since they are kindred spirits with us here in Texas, we are pleased to share their good news here in our diocese, and to rejoice with them in their ongoing progress.

This past Sunday — February 23, 2014 — the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin welcomed its (presumed) next provisional bishop with an afternoon Eucharist and reception.

The Rt. Rev. David Rice has not officially been elected, but it is expected that he will be. Having spent most of his career (and all of his episcopate) in New Zealand, Rice made the Declaration of Conformity as a bishop in the Episcopal Church at the gathering on Sunday. In attendance were the current and previous provisional bishop, bishops from neighboring dioceses, and Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts-Schori, who preached.

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