Diocesan reps carry greetings to Niobrara

Diocesan reps carry greetings to Niobrara

HO HA HEY (“Greetings! “)

Sandy Shockley and Deborah Nichols, both from St. Mary Hamilton, will attend the 141st  Niobrara Convocation June 17-23, on the Lower Brule Reservation in the Diocese of South Dakota. The Niobrara Convocation – an annual gathering of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota peoples – has been termed “one of the most important events of the missionary work of the Episcopal Church in the United States.”

In both 2011 and 2012, Sandy has attended Niobrara and brought home with her a quilt, a gift from the convocation, which has been raffled at diocesan convention. The funds raised from the raffle, plus additional donations, have been sent to the Diocese of South Dakota to support its work.

Sandy writes, “Would you please get everyone in your congregation to sign a card or a brief letter of greetings from your congregation, wishing them a wonderful time and a successful convocation.   Please send the letter to Sandy at the following address:  Sandy Shockley, 830 CR 109, Hamilton Tx 76531.”

Please send letters by June 10. The members of the diocese’s executive council signed a letter to the convocation at their May 18 meeting.