Diocesan Outreach

Diocesan Outreach

At the 2013 Diocesan Convention (November 8-9 in Wichita Falls), diocesan treasurer Robert Hicks reported to convention delegates that in 2013 the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth gave $17,785 to outreach causes beyond the diocese and $15,158 within the diocese, for a total charitable giving of $32,943 – 6.39 percent of assessment. An additional $29,546.41 was received and passed on for disaster relief, ERD, and UTO.

At convention, Bishop Rayford High Jr. presented the Rev. Margret Fields, pastor of Outreach, Acton United Methodist Church, with a check for $13,364.45 for her work with Project 44, which repairs donated vehicles and gives them to families in need.

They have provided refurbished cars to several families who lost their transportation to work and school in the tornado that hit Granbury in the spring.

Project 44 is a reference to the 44th book of the Bible – The Book of Acts. From the project’s website:

We strive to live the acts of the disciples on a daily basis to the best of our abilities. We will imitate Christ and do this by seeking to be as faithful to the human vocation as he was.

Our founding member, Ben Fields, was attending church and getting involved weekly, but began to question his faith. He did not feel he was helping the people the church was set out to help, but was instead getting more tied up in church politics. Ben owns an auto repair garage in Fort Worth, Texas.

During this time of questioning, a car was dropped off at the shop; the owner decided it was too much trouble and told Ben to give it to someone in need.

This was the start of Project-44 and the beginning of the first ministry, the auto ministry.

The ministry is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Along with the auto ministry, Project 44 also grows food for those in need and provides free counseling services.

Learn more about Project 44 at their website.