Cursillo #2 – Please join us in prayer

Cursillo #2 – Please join us in prayer

Cursillo #2 will be November 21 – 24, 2013, at Glen Lake Camp in Glen Rose, Texas. This weekend offers a time for renewal, refreshment, and recommitment to living for Christ.

Ten people have signed up and there is room for a few more. (The cost for this weekend is $200, and registration info can be found here if you are interested.)

All Are Welcome

Everyone (really, everyone) is invited to the Closing Service at 3 pm on Sunday, November 24 in the main chapel on the lake. (Click here for directions to the camp.)

The Rt. Rev. Rayford B. High, Jr., will be the celebrant and preacher.

Please Remember in Your Prayers

Traditionally, Cursillistas pray for those who are taking part in the retreat. We additionally invite all members of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth to join them in prayer during this weekend of renewal.


Mr. John Banks, All Saints’, Fort Worth
Rector’s Cha-Cha
Ms. Nancy Banks, All Saints’, Fort Worth
Logistics Cha-Cha
Ms. Sharon Laseter, St. Francis, Aledo
Palanca Cha-Cha
Ms. Ellen Feik, All Saints’, Fort Worth
Music Cha-Cha
Mr. Dennis Laseter, St Francis, Aledo
Observing Rector
Ms. Marti Fagley, St Francis, Aledo

Spiritual Advisors
The Rt. Rev. Rayford B. High, Jr.
The Rev. Jesse Smith
The Rev. Heather Baggett
The Rev. Tracie Middleton

Table Leaders
Mr. Bill Davies, St Albans, Theater Arlington
Ms. Cynthia Eichenberger, St Francis, Aledo
Ms. Lydia Hiatt, St Luke’s in the Meadow, Fort Worth
Mr. Tony Hiatt, St Luke’s in the Meadow, Fort Worth
Ms. Julie Lundy, The Episcopal Church in Parker County
Mr. Hal Schulz, Good Shepherd, Granbury
Dr. Tim Stevens, St. Christopher’s, Fort Worth
Ms. Kathleen Wells, Trinity, Fort Worth

Mr. Robert Davie, All Saints’, Fort Worth
Ms. Kimberly Kingsbury, St. Albans
Ms. Tricia Henderson, All Saints’, Fort Worth
Mr. Peter Polk, St. Albans, Theater Arlington
Ms. Sidia Anderson, St. Christopher’s, Fort Worth
Mr. Don Bumgarner, Baylor Chapel, Fort Worth
Mr. Jan Bumgarrer, Baylor Chapel, Fort Worth
Ms. Gay Swinney, St Christopher’s, Fort Worth
Ms. Mitch Herod, St Luke’s in the Meadow, Fort Worth
Ms. Jeff Boleware, St Stephen’s, Hurst