Story Highlights

How do you create sustainable projects/communities when you have nothing to start with? Read what Jonny Baker has to say about Becky Garrison’s book Starting from Zero with $0. 

Says Baker, “The book has around a dozen stories of creative passionate people who have done precisely that – started from nothing in a host of different ways. I confess I expected a few more answers to the overarching question but maybe that was either naive or overly optimistic or too much a mindset of looking for models. But what the book does offer is a mix of stories of projects and churches who have started and kept going and struggled along the way – and if you read between the lines there are a number of ways that they became sustainable ranging from being run entirely by volunteers … , through to getting individuals to support a leader, bi-vocational ministry (that is part time work, part time ministry) and raising monies through business and grant making bodies.”