Story Highlights

Bishop Ted Gulick met with the Commission on Ministry on Saturday, May 16. They discussed the characteristics they will be looking for in candidates for ordination. For deacons – Hospitality, Fearless, Discerning, Socially aware (networking/collaborative), Innovative, Articulate, Values the story of every person, Intelligent, Compassionate, Advocate/”Paraclete”, Equipper.

For priests, they will look for candidates who are Healthy/Balanced, Compassionate, Courageous, Well Read and Educated, Articulate (Preacher), Spiritually Grounded, Humble, Critical Thinker/Reflective, Faithful Living, Story Teller, Intelligent, Generosity of Spirit-One Who Makes Connections, Rule of Life, Collaborative, Sense of Humor, Holy, Patience, Liturgically Strong, Sacramental Senses, Positively Driven by the Gospel, Equipper.