Story Highlights

This new column will appear in each edition of the Good News to help local church leaders address some of the common legal and canonical issues that arise as we go about the important mission of leading our churches. On the legal and canonical front, there is much good news to report.

  1. You are not alone.  Please feel free to continue to contact the chancellors at if you have specific questions or request that a specific topic be addressed in this column.
  2. A big congratulations go to you eagle-eyed experts who readily spot the “red flags” that trigger potential trouble and know when to call for help.  And like the chancellors, you may not know the answer off the top of your head, but together we can dig out the answers.
  3. The canons are your friends. [Now, let’s all say that together.]  The general and diocesan constitution and canons already answer many questions that arise as you implement the mission and ministry of your local church.

Chancellors’ Challenge:  Let’s see how many of us can commit to (re)reading the diocesan constitution and canons by December 31.

Next month’s topic:  Leases.