Calling All Artists!

Calling All Artists!

The Unbroken Circle, a Fine Arts gallery, calls artists and musicians from across the diocese to submit artwork or perform music and/or poetry and story that will bring the liturgical calendar to life. Participants may choose a season of the church year and interpret the feeling of the season and what about it speaks to them.

This project includes not only the oft-explored seasons of Lent, Easter, and Christmas, but also the rest of the liturgical year, each season with different and equally rich areas to explore. The greens of Epiphany, the fires of Pentecost and the blues of Advent offer compelling narratives to explore and interpretive depths in which to plunge.

The works of the artists in bringing the liturgical calendar to life in paint, poetry and music will be displayed/performed:
Saturday May 18, 2013
St. Elisabeth’s Episcopal Church
5910 Black Oak Ln.
Fort Worth, TX 76114

The entire diocese is encouraged to participate in this gallery.

Download a participant form here.

Submissions, forms, and questions shuold be addressed to:
<address removed after event ended>


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