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Gospel of Mark Seminar

“Mark & the ‘Other’: Engaging Women, Gentiles, and the Enslaved” Twelfth Fred B. Craddock Seminar on the Gospels   Emerson Powery, Professor of Biblical Studies and Coordinator of Ethnic and Area Studies, Messiah College, Mechanicsburg, PA The earliest Gospel in the Christian tradition portrays Jesus encountering a variety of people in the villages surrounding the sea of Galilee.  How Jesus interacts with non-Jewish males will attract our attention in these talks.  Do these interactions enhance Jesus’ mission? Do they alter his…

Solemn Evensong

Come experience the beauty and holiness of Solemn Evensong at All Saints’. What is so “solemn” about it? The term “solemn” merely indicates that incense, with its accompanying smoke, is used. All are invited to this worshipful and contemplative service with music of the All Saints’ Choir and Organist/Choirmaster Frederick Grimes…Come and See!