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There are bogus emails making the rounds. Because clergy and churchpeople are apt to open such an email, Bishop High wanted to raise awareness of this threat. Based on a warning by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the personal experience on one local priest whose computer was invaded as a result of his opening the bogus email and clicking to linked information, there is information you need to know.

The subject line of the bogus email states “funeral notification” and sometimes adds the name of a local funeral home or a family name. It then invites people to click on a link for more information about a “celebration of your friend’s life” or ceremony. But instead of sending you to the funeral home’s website, the link sends you to a foreign website where the scammers download malware to your computer. This can cause all manner of mischief on your computer, as well as stealing personal information.

These phishing emails look professional and real. Take a few moments to read about how to reduce your risk: