An invitation to “do church differently”

An invitation to “do church differently”

Dear Friends in Christ –

Our wonderful Lutheran neighbors are warmly inviting all of us – lay folks and clergy – to participate in their upcoming “Table Talk” conversation.  Briarwood Retreat Center is just a hop, skip and jump north of Fort Worth (670 Copper Canyon Road, Argyle 76226).  This is a double-mint good opportunity to learn from Jim Johnson, a pastor who is “doing church differently” – and successfully!  It is also an opportunity to connect with some brothers and sisters in Christ with whom we have much in common and with whom we might embark on some creative ministry endeavors – as St. Luke’s in Stephenville is already doing!

I’ve been to a couple of excellent “Table Talk” programs in the past, and I plan to attend this one.  If you join me, I’ll gladly pay your registration fee, which includes lunch!  Please RSVP to Eleanor Doty (; 817-534-1900).  If you have any questions, please contact me at or 817-880-1050.

Blessings, Canon Janet+


August 29 ~ Briarwood
9:30 – 3:30 ~ $11

So these two guys walk into a bar and stop in their tracks: “Oh no, my bartender’s a preacher!” one thinks, while the other is thinking, “oh no, my pastor’s a bartender…” 

If you want to sit in on a conversation with a bartender who is a pastor, this Table Talk is for you. His is a journey filled with stories and insights born of the joining together of these two worlds. His book, Crossing the Bar: Home by Another Way, is written for the church, yet for the sake of those beyond its well established boundaries. It is a book about God’s love, our freedom within that love, and unquenchable hope – hope that is yet to be established in the lives of people the church often ignores, but who are precious to God, and for whom God never ceases to seek.